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DNA BARCELONA is a studio of Architecture, Planning, Landscape, Interiors, and Design, that develops projects with a high calibre of innovation within a global strategy of internationalization. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  for institutional, healthcare, educational, residential, commercial and other singular projects.  We are a creative and multidisciplinary team formed by excellent professionals led by the Architect: Aryanour Djalali.

We’re specialized in great projects, such as Hospitals, Educational Centers, Commercial and Institutional Architecture, Hotels & Resorts in which functionality, quickness, management and ability to cope with difficult tasks are our professional skills. We’re also specialized in luxury projects for important customers, in these projects we take care of bringing innovation together with the latest market and design trends in our proposals.

DNA’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. Not least due to the influence from multicultural exchange, global economic flows and communication technologies that all together require new ways of architectural and urban organization.

Our team is responsable for programming, conceptualization and developments of  new projects incorporating the latest research and technological solutions. In order to improve our way of working steadily, we’ve created our Technical Department, researching about new designs with the latest technology, looking for new construction systems and envelopes, through the implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability concepts. In a series of projects we have tested the effects of scale and the balance of programmatic mixtures on the social, economical and ecological outcome. We have always incorporated sustainable initiatives into our projects.

A new concept of architecture is possible with the new software solutions, in order to develop new designs and spaces, we use all kinds of tools to create and integrate a multidisciplinary process, the BIM manager tools, the 3D, and video representations are only examples.



“My experience in architecture has been very intense and rewarding. With a multicultural background and after graduating from the top- class Polytechnic University of Catalonia and University of Delft, I learned that “Architecture is more than boxes but buildings that rotate talking to each other”.

I define myself as an architect who translates ideas into projects. The secret is in the understanding and interpretation of these ideas, so they can be carried out through the technical requirements that respond to the discipline of architecture.
This process is intimately linked to my professional creative and multidisciplinary team which contributes to the creation of added value and, consequently, to the success of the projects.
In architecture you are what you live. Your background, your family, your education is the cause of everything that affects in your creativity. My way of doing architecture is linked to my experiences in life, and these are reflected in my projects.
Thanks for being there.

Arch. Aryanour Djalali.
Founder & C.E.O.






In our studio of Architecture, landscape and urban planning we develop all kind of projects, all the sizes and complexities with a high calibre of innovation. We are a multidisciplinary creative team consisting in excellent professionals led by the architect: Aryanour Djalali.

We are in charge of the project since its inception through programming, conceptualization, and development of new designs, always incorporating an investigation part as well as applying latest technological archievements. The main objective is to use our solid academic knowledge and professional experience to create viable and creative solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. We carry out our work up until the development of construction drawings for various practice areas such as single- and multi-family houses (residential), hospitality, COB & mixed-use among others.

Residential & Multifunctional Buildings

Good design in residential buildings is more important than ever. DNA believes that inventive home building can bring about a better quality of life for communities, genuine value for property developers and sustainable approaches that benefit all.

We cover completed Residential buildings and housing across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings. DNA plans, designs and engineers residential buildings of all types. These range from Multifuntional buildings  to single family housing , like Luxury Residences Barranquilla and high-rise towers, like Complex Rose of Desert.

DNA continuously seeks to understand how residential & multifunctional buildings can adapt to future needs. We transfer the benefit of our in-house research to clients.

Using our global network of specialists, we produce advanced housing solutions worldwide. Yet we stay acutely aware of context because we know that many challenges are rooted in their location.

Health Care & Educational Architecture

New technologies, medical advances and changing demographics are driving massive change in models of care. DNA helps to create exemplary healthcare facilities worldwide. From project to project, we transfer best practice to inform better therapeutic environments.

Beyond building design, DNA’s brings expertise in organisational behaviour to healthcare workplaces, to generate positive change and improved performance.

In Educational Architecture on the other hand, DNA works closely with educators, funders, architects and developers to produce buildings and technical solutions that meet their specific needs in primary, secondary and higher education, like the 72.000 m2 University Complex in Algeria.

Education’s challenges are always evolving. Beyond the technical and creative, designing for education demands an appreciation of economic and social context. For example, our under construction project British School of Ghana had to be robust and build to cope with limited budgets, materials and skills.

In education, it is essential that facilities are cost-effective to build, run and maintain. It is also important that buildings are engaging, pleasant environments, equipped with quality systems, that help institutions attract and retain students and staff.

Hotels & Resorts

For guests, a hotel offers an experience as well as a place to rest. Equally, a hotel is a workplace, and often a stimulus to local prosperity. Where hotels meet leisure, retail and luxury living, they also become social and entertainment hubs. At DNA, we support hotel and leisure clients by creating distinctive, responsive developments that serve high-performing and resilient businesses.

We provide a full design service, from concept to operation.

Stronger Businesess: We help strengthen performance in hotels and leisure complexes. Our solutions meet the expectations of guests – on a scale from comfort to five-star luxury and beyond – while striving to be lean, efficient and resource-light in construction and operation.

A Fresh Identity: DNA’s building design ethos matches the aspirations of hotel and leisure developers. We want to create buildings that inspire and delight, and which are responsive to people’s needs.

Conected to place: DNA combines world-class expertise with a respect for context. Hotel Boutique S’agarò.

Luxury houses

Within the program “Luxury Solutions” we take care of the entire process of the development, construction and high quality architectural solutions for the clients seeking to build a residential property in Spain.

DNA Luxury houses Area specializes in the management and development of real estate projects, integrating all industrial and commercial processes of construction and sales, from the land purchase to the subsequent individual sale of the houses.
We have promoted and developed housings spread mainly between Barcelona and its metropolitan area: Costa Dorada,
Barcelona, Maresme and Costa Brava. (Punta Brava I).
Our business vision has always been oriented towards the latest trends, offering added differentiated value to the product. You can see our Luxury House Punta Brava IV.

We locate the property you are looking for and manage your project through:

. Identifying a plot and perform a thorough verification.

. Taking care of obtaining local permits, construction licenses andall the necessary formalities.

. Developing architectural & interior design projects.

. Carrying out “Turnkey” construction with closed budget and best quality standards that are supervised and approved by world famous experts in certification Bureau Veritas.


Our offer consists of comprehensive services which includes search and acquisition of lands as well as their urban management, development and transformation. Our experience in this area, with over 2M sqm of developed land, makes it possible for us to successfully solve the most complicated urban issues and comply with all the undertaken commitments.
DNA Urbanism services cover all scales of projects, from an entire city to the samllest part of it, and comprehends master planning, preparation of design guidelines and full design services.
DNA Landscaping services include planning and design of exterior spaces. We often assist our clients with continuing landscape design consultation even after construction completion. Landscape management and innovation within an architectural project gives it a high level of excellence.


DNA Interior Design perceives, observes and analyzes the inner space where one lives in order to be able to intervene in it in the most careful way, trying to find the right combination of aesthetics, comfort and functionality within an emotional world of one person or one family. This task implies a very thorough process of making the choice of shapes, styles, colors, lighting, textures and transparencies, as well as of equipment, technological devices, furniture and decorative items.
All these elements integrated in the interior, in the end define its unique personality. The shapes, sizes and light bring great sensory equilibrium to the created spaces and communicate the intended functions of the surrounding objects to their users.
We believe that human-orientated criteria is the most important component of the design process to integrate the habitability of spaces to their forms and functions.

DNA  Industrial Design workes across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to signature designs for clients across the globe. Urban Mobility, Architectural Illumination and Personal Electronics are among others DNA have  consistently explored in recent years. Production know-how and design sensibility, big ideas and holistic perspective and the idea driven innovation.

DNA designs often explore the potential of crossbreeding elements or attributes from different disciplines in to new functional and aesthetic hybrids.  DNA contributes with intelligence and experience from within his specific field providing DNA with cutting edge knowledge and knowhow within the fields of architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, contemporary culture and lifestyle.




In Barcelona, the Mediterranean city; Cradle of world renowned architects, designers and artists.
Around the world; DNA develops projects in many countries through an international projection, adapting us to different cultural criterias.





DNA translates the ideas of projects with sense to make them real. Every project is unique, with its own personality, its own soul and its own “DNA”. DNA “Building Lives” “One 2 One” our planning process leads to a project + commercial strategy.










The integration of multidisciplinary teams in the international environment has contributed to the creation of added value, and in consequence to the success of realised projects, we apply a process of multiple phase planning, where the interaction of a diversity of external collaborators allows us with total guarantee to deal with a wide range of projects. We come from over 10 countries representing the Far East, Latin America, North America, Continental Europe, and Scandinavia.

As the idea takes shape most architects seek out consultants to assist – we seek out partners that can contribute and refine a given idea into more than the sum of its parts. We choose our partners carefully based on their past experience but most importantly on the passion they exhibit for their respective field. We strongly believe that quality is bred by the individuals we choose to work with.

Challenges and their built in complexities can be overcome through commitment and assembling the appropriate team of individuals to tackle them.





This department is in charge for contributing innovation to our proposals which are always based on the latest trends in design and the latest achievements in the market.

The team is responsible for the program, concept plan stage and development of new projects, incorporating the latest research and technical advances.

The primary objective is to use solid academic knowledge and professional experience to generate creative working solutions which satisfy the customer’s requirements. This commitment to research brings added value and important innovation to our commissioned architectural projects.

We use both physical and virtual modelling to investigate a given project. We find that building physical working models provides us the means to encounter similar problematics as one encounters in the actual construction.

Similarly we utilize the latest imaging and animation software to create virtual models both for design and presentation purposes. We work with the client to prepare visualisations throughout the process to assist in presenting the project to the user groups and public forums.


This part of the team responsible for the preparation of draft plans and the execution of the different architectural projects being undertaken including one-family houses, multi-family houses, hotels, industrial buildings and others.

The development is separated into two different lines:

• Technical descriptions of the project. Executive projects development.

• Plans with technical information and on-site supervision, which includes on-site assistance, manufacturers’ management and other steps necessary for the construction and development of the project.

The office follows every project from inception through to its conclusion and is thus balanced between design architects and detail oriented constructing architects. We have also begun  to introduce 3D construction documentation and BIM and have accordingly expanded our knowledge into that arena.







DNA METHODOLOGY > BIM – Building Information Modeling

BIM Implementation: DNA has acquired its own know-how and develops the projects from a centralized and intelligent platform where information is stored in a single three-dimensional model.

The implementation of BIM methodology is promoting a collaborative way of manageing the construction and installation projects.

OUR SCOPE OF SERVICES > We offer a wide range of service packages for any project. From BIM1D to BIM6D we include all the possibilities for your projects.

BIM platform allowes us to control more and more every constructive process of a project, with a method closer to the automotive industry than to the traditional construction business. In all the projects where we have used this technology, every designing step has been improved, not just by working in just a unique collaborative model, but also by a more efficent management of the construction process.

DNA develops big projects through a intelligent and centralized platform, where all the data is stored in a unique 3D model, thanks to BIM technology.






The Planning Process shows the various phases that lead to a Master Plan, Business and Environmental Strategy for a typical project. The Process applies to various types of projects from residential to recreational or commercial, educational, industrial and is most applicable when dealing with large acreage developments of any type.
We at DNA have served as the Prime Professional and Pre-Development Project Managers for a variety of projects. As such, we have been responsible for coordinating the services of many professionals whose interaction contributes immensely to a successful project.
Phases of the Planning Process:


Overview Planning Process:



During every phase of a project we ask ourselves these five questions:

> have we listened deeply to our clients?
> have we drawn from our breadth of experience?
> have we distilled the design to its most appropriate form?
> have our plans and systems provided clarity and peace of mind for our clients?
> are we exceeding expectations?

We believe it is our commitment to achieving a resounding ‘yes’ to each of these questions which has generated DNA long list of diverse and satisfied clients.