Minnesota, USA

Type: Commission
Program: Hotel, Cultural Complex, Residential, Commercial.
Tower 1 residential + Hotel 47.845m2.
Tower 2 Residentail 34.653
Cultural Center 11.000 m2
Site: 7.500 m2
Built: 93.498 m2
Status: In progress

Our main vision for this project is to create a transparent cultural & residential center that is supported by a unique, aesthetically pleasing system. It will allow visibility and transparency to the surrounding community with a striking visual quality that is an identifiable characteristic of the project.
The new complex is designed to manifest itself with the necessary forcefulness to have a real effect as a cultural marker.

The two wings in the lower part, are dedicated to exhibit contemporary art from various cultural backgrounds. Rising to a height, the highest floors of the two towers are destined to offer different residences and a hotel. The lower part and the upper part are connected by the silhouette that extends from the topography of landscape.

The integration and physical overlap of various functions to one another, provide the distinctive environmental necessity of staging community events. This dramatic stage set is achieved by the introduction of a continuous surface that links together the outdoor and indoor event spaces, etc.