Type: Commission
Program: Residential, Commercial & Offices Complex: Ground plan + Mezzanine + 9 levels.

Site: 5.770 m2
Built: 36.105 m2
Status: In progress

DNA is willing to create buildings that inspire and delight, and that work in harmony with their surroundings and their occupiers. The interiors and exteriors of our buildings are marked by stunning effects and playful forms realised by our designers.

Furthermore we help to realise buildings to become more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them. Finally we want to realise Buildings to become more sympathetic to their context and attached to the place

Our designers  engage with advanced analysis and research, while having the outcomes of each project in mind. Efficiency is a key concern. In response, our structural engineers and integrated design teams conserve materials in construction. And to create buildings that operate on lighter costs and fewer resources, we pursue excellence in high-performance façades and mechanical,electrical, water and waste systems. 

What defines a building’s performance will depend on its purpose. Listening to the things that make an asset valuable to our clients, and to their buildings’ users, gives direction to our designs.