Girona, Spain

Type: Commission
Program: Apartments, hotel, services, parking spaces: 40 units, chillout lounge with swimming pool.

Site: 4.400 m2
Built: 10.385 m2
Status: Built

Boutique Hotel S’agaro is where luxury and nature coexist. “Nature, Durability, and Sensibility” are words which encapsulate the spirit of this project. Boutique Hotel S’agaro is characterized by an impeccably contemporary design that provides comfort & luxury amenities for every guest. Each element of the design – colour, furniture, and material  – has been thoughtfully chosen to complement each other perfectly.

Furthermore the design is based on generating the maximum of interaction between building and surrounding. The architectural expression combines elements of  movement, landscape, technology and innovation in construction. The facade design reflects the innovation spirit. The waveforms and materials define the look and feel of the building. Also the rooms will have a wave facade treatment from every viewpoint, showing the characteristic patterns which are based on the motion water.

Through the integration of carefully assembled programs into one coherent building organization, an attractive and comfortable environment is created. Outdoor spaces vary in scale and form, and become an integral part of the rooms. Finally DNA has also designed an incredible chillout lounge with a swimming pool offering full services, and a great sea sight to enjoy.