Tarragona, Spain

Type: Commission
Program: - 318 Apartments
- Parking
- Gym,
- Chillout lounge
- Swimming pool
Client: Kronos Homes
Site: 5.708 m2
Built: 34.013 m2
Status: Under construction
Project: 2018
Budget: 31.5 mill euros

Kronos Homes launched the commercialisation of The Kube in Tarragona, a residential project designed by DNA Barcelona Architects. The Kube was born with the intention of providing Tarragona with a new image. It is a unique building with personality, which aims to be a new icon in the city.

The facades represent a link between the interior and exterior of the house, forming a set of cubes that gives volume to the project. The Kube astonishes by its large terraces with sea views and large windows that allow that depth of vistas, even sitting from inside the house.


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