Lusail City, Qatar

Type: Competition
Program: Street Furniture
Status: Built

DNA won the international competition “Street Furniture Lusail” 

The concept of this project was derived from the unique identity of Lusail city which is based on the idea “water is life”.

The competition entry for ‘Street Furniture Lusail’ allowed us to push our creative boundaries further, and to challenge urbanism in an exclusive and modern country in order to incorporate the necessary conditions for all inhabitants to enjoy squares and parks.

Lusail City gave us the opportunity to emphasize our beliefs that design is more than the simply creation of a project, it is the transcendence of efficacy enhanced by significance.

DNA unveiled all categories of street furniture for Lusail:  from benches to street lighting, bus stops, public lavatories, and waste receptacles while always having the following concepts in mind:


General concept: 

Lighting: Water petal light: Water flowing like a fountain of light. A set of high end units that works like it stands alone or in groups, allowing a range of combinations within the same system.

Furniture: The elements of the urban equipment were designed to fit in different groups that reference themselves with elements of nature like pebbles, leaves, rivers and roots.

Shelters: Also inspired by nature, the shelters give the impression that they are growing on the landscape. Technology is used to provide information and interactivity.