Type: Commission
Program: Pergolas, oasis, barjan
island, restaurant, coffee shop, book shop,
administration building, wood deck,
outdoor terrace
Site: 35.000 m2
Status: Design

The Barjan Island System is a microclimate creation inspired by the simulation of an OASIS having areas of vegetation as well as spring water sources.

Furthermore it is a system created by the fusion of Mediterranean concepts including the Arabian environment and culture. Following the example of natural dunes, we were able to achieve a fresh and protected ambient as a microclimate.

BARJAN DUNE, Barján (barhan o barkham): type of dune with half-moon or C shape. A common dune typical to a limited sand zone with a hard, flat and vegetation-less surface.

MICROCLIMATE is a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area. The term may refer to areas as small as a few.

NATURAL VENTILATION is the process of supplying and removing air through an indoor space by natural ways.