Guerrero, Mexico

Type: Commission
Program: Touristic Complex, Hotel &
Luxury Apartments, Golf, Commercial Area,
School, Beach Club, Green & Sport Areas.
- Apartments: 2870 units.
- Hotel rooms: 4573 units
Site: 3.049.567 m2
Built: 1.628.300 m2
Status: Design

Nowadays the implementation of any new urban development demands the inclusion of several variables and readings which are transcribed in new technologies, sustainable developments and urbanism.

Located in Mexico’s west coast, this master plan in San Jerónimo brings its state Guerrero to the XXI century while justifying the creation of a new Mexican lifestyle. A new lifestyle perceives the combination of a virgin and natural environment with a responsible development that is aware of its role within an ecosystem.

This masterplan is practically a synonymous to balance marked by three pillars: society, environment and economy.

The project is precisely delineated by the inclusion of these three premises, whose primary objective seeks to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants without compromising the ecosystem for future generations.