Mostaganem, Algeria

Type: Commission
Program: Restaurants, Commercial center, Parking
Site: 15.800 m2
Built: 30.828 m2
Status: In progress

ARCHITECTONIC IMAGE, Modernity, tradition, culture and respect for the environment and the landscape, to conceive the horizon.

THE BOAT AND THE WAVES. A reference in the landscape, inspired by the geometry of boats and waves … an amiable, organic, natural, … form that integrates, a volume that protects us.

THE TREILLY. Tradition, culture, science, … millennium strategy for climate control and management of intimacy.

THE ROOF AND THE SHADOW. The intermediate spaces, … transition between the inside and the outside, a place between two stacks, a representative space.

OASIS. Shopping center, a building in the desert, a reference, … a destiny of comfort, desires and entertainment.

MAZAGRAN. A lighthouse in the distance, always available, always prepared, … always at the service.

STRUCTURE. Precast concrete structural system, maximum efficiency minimum maintenance.

FACADE. Is designed on the basis of the gantry-shaped linear elements with the arc-shaped tops. These linear elements are designed as prefabricated slats, which, thanks to their section and the set of horizontal beams and linkage girders, generate a lattice that modifies the permeability of the façade to suit sun exposure, according to the case.