Type: Competition
Program: Museum, Congress Centre, R + D University, Restaurant, Parking.
Site: 1 Ha
Built: 15.204
Status: Design

DNA’s collaborative and holistic design approach supported and helped to crystallise the architect Aryanour Djalali vision during the early stages of design.

This impressive structure is designed to exceed the highest possible classification from olimpic requires. This elite rating would allow the new building to host a future Museum Sports Olimpic.

To ensure this level of quality in the design, DNA BARCELONA’s museum design specialists worked closely with specialist departments throughout the design stage.

The museum’s defining feature is a distinctive asymmetric roof. As a result, the gallery’s lighting experiences a dynamic relationship with its external environment as the sun moves across the sky and the cloud changes. The results of this work can also be seen in the facade openings, which exploit the natural daylight experienced on each level of the museum, as well as in the fluorescent lighting system that provides ambient lighting after dark.