Platja d’Aro, Spain

Type: Commission
Program: Luxury Single Family House
Site: 1.200 m2
Built: 668 m2
Status: Built
Project: 2008
Construction: 2016

There’s a contemporary oceanfront home located in Platja d’Aro, Spain, consisting of two floors, large terraces and a swimming pool.

The house is intended to appear luxurious and modern while also retaining a sense of establishment and personality. To that end, a unique design was agreed upon constructed from traditional textured stone, with almost all its outward energy focused at the back, with perfect views of the swimming pool.

The house follows a fairly traditional layout, with private spaces located on the top floor above more public rooms. The first floor is basically the night area of the house, having a bedroom and a living room. From the bedrooms and the lounge you can access to a large triangular terrace overlooking the sea. Downstairs we find kitchen, large triangular dining room, home cinema, as well as fitness & spa area.

Stone elements from the exterior walls come into play quite often inside, especially on the main floor, where the living room and dining room are opened directly onto the principal terrace with the pool.


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