Natal, Brazil

Program: Residential & Commercial,
parking spaces, common areas
apartments: 66 units
Parking: 1.430 m2
Site: 2.900 m2
Built: 13.504 m2
Status: Design

With this project we try to work with the Brazilian territory, environment and culture in order to create a novel concept of GLOCAL  (global contemporary architecture + local spark of inspiration).

DNA unites a global network of inventive and highly skilled building engineers and design specialists. Together, we are best known to shape ambitious buildings.

Offering world-class technics, creativity, and expertise – we help to realise buildings to become more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them.

Finally DNA is willing to create buildings that inspire and delight. The interiors and exteriors of our buildings are marked by stunning effects and playful forms realised by our designers.