Argel, Algeria

Type: Commission
Program: Hotel , 143 rooms, Parking
spaces, Wellness, Gym , Spa, Chillout
Area, Swimming Pool, Disco Area
Site: 2.010 m2
Built: 10.220 m2
Status: In progress

Reinventing the travel experience

The facade of this building creates an iconic vision on urban landscape. Inspired by the geometric, fluid, and organic motifs of the Algerian art, a cultural identity is unified with a contemporary touch.
With this project, DNA proposes a unique boutique hotel offering a stylish living space for today’s modern business traveler. Creating a work-stay environment for each guest to experience design innovation, comfort, and services at the highest level.

139 luxury rooms which can be transformed to modular offices.
We intend to reinvent the travel experience featuring quality products and services focused on design, accessibility, technology, comfort, local touch, and convenience based on the design next principles: