We are proud to announce that our project “GreenLand” in Vienna has been awarded as Gold Winner on the 2022 Archiframe Design Awards, under the caregory of “Mixed Use – Unbuilt” 🏆

GreenLand, Vienna represents a unique residential co-living, hotel and commercial eco-building with microapartments and common areas, designed to be located next to the lake, a place that provide the residents with an opportunity of different activities such soccer and volleyball courts, restaurants and beach club, surfing, boutiques etc.

The main objective is to create a co-living and co-working complex that represents an international smart city with its old European culture, building a self-sufficient community, at the same time focusing on involving nature. DNA was searching to achieve a balance in such building to connect COWORK-COLIVE-COPLAY a new vibrant community that nature and architecture merges together to create a biophilic and sustainable environment. The complex contains three basic aspects of life: basic needs, entertainment, and work.

Analyzing plotgeometry and urban parameters, the design was elaborated with the goal to highlight building volumes, thus achieving the game between the heights and the round corners to give dynamism and at the same time elegancy to the whole complex. The facade represents smooth sinusoidal waveforms, what is DNA´s indicator, that create a sort of energetic place allowing to be in touch with nature and its elements.