Grupo Vía talks in Barcelona about the future of residential architecture and housing developments
Grupo Vía celebrates in Barcelona a new edition of its multidisciplinary event dedicated to the residential sector that has brought together a selection of prominent residential developers together with leading architecture and design studios to learn about their inspiring housing projects in different presentations and discuss the challenges, trends, opportunities and challenges of the habitat sector.
The Vitra showroom in Barcelona has been the space where this Grupo Vía residential event has taken place, in which, in addition to this leading furniture brand, companies such as Delta Light and Schneider Electric, Nedgia and Soprema have been sponsors of the forum, which have Innovations in lighting, as well as digitalization and building automation, are on display. More than 70 professionals from the sector attended this event of architecture, interior design and promoters of the housing sector. Aryanour Djalali, CEO of DNA BARCELONA, has pointed out the importance of creating a brand, adding value from architecture, betting on innovation and design, investing in marketing to help position oneself, having a multidisciplinary team and a financial strategy. Thanks to these tools, the studio has worked on national promotions together with developers such as Kronos Homes, Vía Célere, NCalma, La Llave de Oro, ASG Homes, Inmoglaciar, Volumètric, Gestilar or MIA-DOMO. Djalali has outlined some of these works such as The Kube in Tarragona for Kronos Homes with a tower and a block for BTR, the 96 second residence homes for The Waves in Ibiza with a shipping nature for NCalma, the 49 townhouses for Cala Tarida, the project Aguamarina in Ibiza that has resumed its construction that had been stopped or the Atlanta Vic promotion for Volumètric. Likewise, Aryanour has shown some of the work that the firm is carrying out with its jump to Mexico: Amira District, Cocoon, Bulgari Tower, Zenote and Oasis 101, in which the integration of nature, the search for iconic architecture can be seen. , community spaces and architecture as a commercial ally for sales.