Latest international news …..! DNA Barcelona Architects has signed a collaboration agreement with ZAMA DESARROLLOS, the largest and most prestigious real estate developer group of sustainable and integrated environments of Mexico, located in Tulum. Together they will promote “COCOON” in Selvazama, a totally innovative, aesthetical and technological hotel and residential project.

Inspired by the primordial sensation of the nest and the need of protection, DNA designed a space where people feel embraced, protected, giving a possibility to reconnect with the inner self or with the community.

The project represents a complex of 46.181 m2 consisting of 3 residential and 2 hotel buildings “COCOON” with 204 apartments and 167 rooms as well as 16 private villas.

The concept was born with the intention of offering guests a space full of luxury and comfort, that provides a true escape from everyday life, with the main objective to disconnect the wide range of services orientated to personal relaxation and leisure which coexist.Cocoon bases its design on communion between the natural environment and natural inspiration geometry.

Each Cocoon represents itself a community that goes out to the central zone where the swimming pool is located by way of “CENOTE”. The arrangement of Cocoons allows maximum visibility to the natural landscape, in a quiet and reserved context. The complex provides natural pools, gym and kid´s clubs, conference hall, bar and restaurant, and autochthonous green areas destined to offer maximum rest and enjoyment.