Vienna, Austria

The wish of the client, who is a large development company in Austria, is to create a new center on the outskirts of Vienna. The land is located between the industrial area, overlooking the lakes and the mountains. Given the size of the project, it will be carried out in phases. Of course, we find the extension of the hotel, which will be expanded with an iconic scale and a profile inspired by the idea of ​​the waves and in this case the idea of ​​the profile of the mountains. Therefore, the project will have an extension of the hotel. It will also have a new area with a residence for the elderly, a shopping center on the first and second floors, and ample office space aimed at attracting technology startups and financing. Thus, different centers will be created throughout the project. The land has a pyramid in the center and around it will be located the different programs of the project that will cover 180,000 square meters. For this reason, a section has been created for the parking lot, facing away from the road and creating a buffer in the upper part of the parking lot. In addition, they have begun to build micro-apartments and, in short, we are generating a process that gives the sensation of having bophilic architecture, which immerses users in nature, with an oasis in the center and in all the buildings, which will have different terraces with views of the pyramid, the lake and the mountains, with sunlight giving life to this entire coworking project and this community of partners, called Greenland Vienna.