Vienna, Austria

The Hotel TOH is developed within the jungle of Tulum, in a development called Kuyabeh. At DNA , the inspiration always arises from nature, adn in this case, we have taken the Toh bird as the inspiring element, which is a speciic bird from that área existing within the Kuyabeh Masterplan.

The movement of its feathers generates an architecture that, like a musical score, creates an architectural sequence and a play of roots that gives the whole Project an harmonic movement, just like the movement of the Toh bird’s wings, creating a series of colors that change shades with the play of the sun and is reflected in the lagoon. It is in this lagoon where we place the Project in the shape o fan ellipse.

In the center are the amenities including a panoramic restaurant overlooking the lagoon and the jungle, the administration area, and the Spa Wellness.

Around it, there is alse a luxury villa área with a top-notch “à la carte” restaurant and a cocktail area, with rooms on both sides overlooking the lagoon and the jungle.