DNA presents “Skins by Dna”, developed by DNA LAB department, elaborating unique textures, interacting with Nature, that differentiate every project. A careful study of the skins allow us to create a special microclimate inside of each project creating a pleasant experience for the guest playing with light, concept and privacy. By this way, every building becomes iconic, with its own soul and personality evolving harmony in the environment.

We inspire from cultures and traditions, from nature and its shapes, and develop unique designs with the will to create a fusion between art and technology, which represents the Leitmotif and the starting point for all DNA’s projects. We constantly investigate and evaluate how buildings reflect on the human behaviour and the surrounding environment thus striving to improve the sense of community and its relationship with the space through dynamic designs.

We oversee the project since its conception through programming, conceptualization and development of new designs, always incorporating an investigation part as well as
applying latest technological achievements, using our solid academic knowledge and