Founded by the architect Aryanour Djalali, DNA Barcelona Architects is a global architecture firm committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of affinity for nature. With its core design philosophy of a vision for the city of the future based in the spiritual and emotional needs of residents DNA endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment.

During the childhood, Aryanour Djalali, the CEO of DNA, had the good fortune of visiting different countries and learning about cultures. In each trip he was finding something new like a shape, a word, or a material, little details that finally led to big projects. Travelling enriched him and gave ideas on how to connect people and architecture.

For Dna every project is approached uniquely and has different departure points– different client, user, budget, context and constraints. We refine, investigate and challenge the brief in order to add something new and innovative. Understanding the scope and project ambition of the clients is essential in designing a building that go beyond function.