Tulum, Mexico

The Zenote project was born from the will of a client who purchased a one-hectare plot of land within the jungle of Tulum, a project that has no relation to the sea and that handicap we turned into a strength by creating a powerful concept which is the cenote of the Riviera Maya. The formal evolution of the project arises from the conception of the cenotes both in plan and section with the jungle at ground level and obviously the cenote at a lower depth. We fused the concept of the cenote into the terrain creating a repeated eight block type organized in a circular way and unified by terraces that give the project the character of a cenote having a connection between sky and earth, and all the terraces that are full of vegetation each one with its own jacuzzies and outdoor areas for eating and lounging they pour into the cenote and create that biophilic feeling of being immersed in nature. This contributes to the project’s microclimate, reducing the need for passive air conditioning systems and lowering temperatures, which is necessary in Tulum’s climate. The presence of nature is crucial for the user’s well-being and especially for balancing the body, mind, and soul.