DNA unveils “Cocoon Hotel & resort”, Tulum, Mexico- a new eco-resort which merges with Nature being located in the exotic jungles, just next to the sea. The project is 46.181 m2 and consists of 3 residential and 2 hotel buildings “COCOON” with 204 apartments and 167 rooms as well as 16 private villas.

The inspiration for this project comes from 3 concepts- the Nest, the Cell and the Forest. The nest represents a need of protection and gives a primordial sensation of embracement and security where people can reconnect with the inner self, with community, with Nature. We are all used to see birds nest since childhood; it’s a familiar shape that remembers us birth and family… In this concept the nest becomes the external language of the cluster, a filter between the completely natural forest and the man-made building.

The distribution of the units- Cocoons follows the concept of molecule containing different elements, with the nest as a membrane and the building as cells. The cell represents a beginning of life, which can be divided into other cells thus giving more new lives.

Finally, the Forest becomes the integral part of the project as it represents Nature, which allows the life on the planet. The set of Cocoons is disposed in a way that gives an access to outdoor spaces allowing architecture to be understood as something that can coexist with Nature. Cocoon Hotel & Resort is a space which becomes one with Nature.