We with Zepto Reality are proud to announce that our project “Tree Life, Holistic Comunity, Tulum”, presented in the LIV HOSPITALITY DESIGN AWARDS 2022, has been rewarded in the category of Architectural Design- Living Space.

From a conceptual point of view, in DNA we always aim towards the fusion between art and technology and in this case, we sought the fusion between nature and architecture, which generates the word, as we call it in DNA, “Archi-Nature”. In this way, we take inspiration from the bird’s nests, and from them our design process in DNA begins.

This project was more about embracing nature and the jungle in Tulum, therefore an iconic project was generated from the desire to create a tree of life, with a centre from which everything revolves around, and where ten nests structures appear. The experience is enhanced by wandering through the place through walkways, climbing from a walkway to the top of the trees and then you are in your own nest. In the end, today`s tourism must be more oriented to nature and how to live those unique experiences, so that you return home nourished by exceptional experiences.