Oran, Algeria

TYPE: Invited Competition
– Anticancer Center

SITE: 4.489 m2
BUILT: 17.500 m2
STATUS: In progress

The proposal of this project intends to create a center for technological vanguard, supported by a flexible and functional organization in accordance with the requirements over time. It offers comfort and safety for users and workers, as well as conditions which are economically viable and preservable.

This functional concern has a strong impact on the center’s design, as it is materialized in an architectural set having no trivial features. Accordingly, the building consists of two separate blocks which are visually and functionally independent.

The site area amounts to 0.74 Ha, the main topography will be soft and comfortable for general circulation and for the implementation of the building. Based on the proposal, we will add a place of relaxation and safety rest areas for patients and staff.

Furthermore, the volumetric proposal is designed as two differentiated volumes, lower volume for the services (-1 floor to +2), and higher volume for hospitalization and facilities (floors +3 to +5). The whole construction involving the structural systems and the facade will offer an avant-garde architecture having the latest technological systems that will enable future expansions and modifications.

The roofs and courtyards are used for proportioning natural light to the building, as they treat the landscape perspective to incorporate a pleasant sense of closeness with nature. Finally, we are willing to minimize the negative impact of the traditional hospital image on users and reinforce the mindset of a pleasing atmosphere.