Girona , Spain

TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Luxury Apartments
SITE: 1.565 m2
BUILT: 2.753 m2
BUDGET: 4 mill euros

DNA’s master planners are contributing to creating well-conceived housing solutions from the ground up. As DNA works with developers, contractors, and retailers – from household names to global luxury brands – we are always able to bring fresh thinking to each project, and accordingly to obtain our clients´ goals.

This project located in Calonge – the heart of Costa Brava, was mainly inspired by the waveforms which are already known to be DNA’s indicator. The sinusoidal forms create energetic places allowing to be in touch with nature and its elements. Connected areas and open spaces encourage and enhance social interaction. The project provides private and public terraces.

More pragmatically, a sustainable future for retail demands new ideas that will maintain profitability while working better for our environment and communities.