Barcelona, Spain

TYPE: Commission
Luxury House
-Dining room
-Swimming pool

SITE: 1.545 m2
BUILT: 309 m2
STATUS: In progress

DNA presents a new minimalistic design of the of 1 storey isolated single-family “Villa Fernando ”, located in Barcelona, Spain on a plot of 1.545 m2, with a swimming pool, garage and outdoor spaces. The project stands out for its strict geometric forms, modern shapes and materials, which represent pure minimalism style.

The project is reinforced by the façade that overlooks the pool terrace, composed of windows and sliding doors that allow great views to the outside area and taking advantage of the fact that on the other side of the street is the golf course. In the front area, between the house and the garden facing the street, the swimming pool is located, in order to provide good orientation to users and views free of obstacles.

The interior program of the house is developed from the intention of having large open spaces, separating the two rooms by a large social area. The rooms are thought to be at the ends of the house to allow maximum privacy, separated by a common area consisting of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

It is contemplated, as far as possible, to maintain the existing vegetation at this point, and to plant new plant elements that do not need an irrigation system.