Barcelona, Spain

TYPE: Commission
Luxury House
-Dining room
-Swimming pool

SITE: 1.079 m2
BUILT: 228 m2
STATUS: In progress

The object of this project is the construction of an isolated single-family house, with a swimming pool and a garage on the ground floor.

Due to the dimensions and shape of the plot, the project is articulated from a volume made up of two rectangles, one destined for housing, elongated, and another destined for the garage of the dwelling, annexed to the rear of the dwelling and shorter so that it can be arranged on the plot with the best possible orientation and the longest possible façade length. An open volume is sought towards the free space of the plot (southeast side), ensuring that most of the program is connected to the terrace where the pool is located.

The facade is made up of windows and sliding doors that allow great visuals towards the outside area and taking advantage of the fact that the golf course is on the other side of the street.

The interior program of the house is developed from the intention of having a large central space made up of a living-dining room and kitchen. The rooms are located at the ends of the house.