Moscow, Russia

TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Residential area, commercial area, school and public services, residential buildings: 222,897 m2, school: 7,500 m2, utilities: 16,093 m2
SITE: 116.300 m2
BUILT: 246.490 m2
STATUS: Design


Master Plan Moscow explores the notions of nature and architecture, and their interdependent relationship.

The spatial organization and the spaces are designed around the concept where individual elements function together as an alive, breathing organism. Environmental systems are implemented to reduce the carbon footprint of the project. Green terraces and high buildings are interconnected in perfect harmony.

Community Greenway is a visionary urban regeneration project that is transforming Moscow by combining improved green protection with the creation of public spaces and pedestrian/ cycle routes, which connect communities.

Another high-profile element is a new civic Park. This is a project that demonstrates the power of green infrastructure to contribute to a city’s wider community and economic development goals.