Puerto Cancún, México

TYPE: Parallel Assigment
Hotel or Residential (116 apartments), Commercial Center, Parking, Spa, Chillout, Pool, Disco Area

SITE: 12.879 m2
BUILT: 6.155 m2
STATUS: Design

The project is located in Puerto Cancún and includes a golf course, hotels, condominiums, shopping mall, timeshares and spaces for retail business. From the building, we can enjoy the wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea, of the Nichupte Lagoon or of the city of Cancún.

Based on a LEED Certified criteria, this project will represent an innovative and pioneering spirit becoming a symbol of the future. The realization of benefits associated with LEED starts with a transformation of the design process itself.

Success in LEED and green building design is best accomplished through an integrative design process that prioritizes cost-effectiveness over both the short and long terms and engages all project team members in discovering beneficial interrelationships and synergies between systems and components.

By integrating technical and living systems, the team can achieve high levels of building performance, human performance, and environmental benefits.