Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

TYPE: Competition
Multi-unit luxury houses: Penthouses and Duplex; Commercial and Offices.

SITE: 1.000 m2
BUILT: 79.860 m2
STATUS: Design

Let’s twist again.

The uniqueness of the form is due to its geometrical transformation. The ground floor (0 degrees) becomes, in the last upper floor, 90 degrees twisted orientation.

The other floors are rotated progressively in order to make a smooth twisted movement. Consequently, the Twisted Towers are outstanding landmarks, emphasized by their dynamic shape.

The twisted facade contributes to create a variety of interior spaces depending on the orientation of each floor. Through this strategy, plenty of spaces with quality lighting and views are created.
Furthermore, the buildings are conditioned in the inside to offer all the amenities for a luxurious living in residential apartments, given in different options of typologies.

The structural system of the building, based on an internal rigid core, offers flexibility to the floors. The activity can change from residential to offices or hotel.

The envelope responds to the surroundings and the distribution of the floors. In one side, the facade is full of glass and openings that connect the interior of the apartments with the large terraces. The other side, made of titanium, reflects the sun all day long, emphasizing the building shape through the city skyline.

With the aim to provide the city a non-contaminant building, the facade without terraces has incorporated several photovoltaic panels that generate the energy that the building consumes. The location, sunny the entire year, is perfect for this kind of sustainability solution. In this way, the towers become an almost self-sufficient construction.