We want to thank Peninsula Construye magazine for publishing our project Tulum Luxury Villas.
The entire philosophy of DNA Barcelona is perceived in the concept proposed by the studio for luxury villas in Tulum. Designed as a perfect fusion between nature and architecture, with a Zen and organic spirit, embraced by a circular shape adapted to an elliptical shape that generates two different levels. The lower level houses the day area, while the upper level serves as the night area. Each villa also features a customizable roof top space, complete with options like a barbecue area or Jacuzzi above the jungle. An area for leisure. This floor is covered with a porch made of photovoltaic panels that generate organic energy to illuminate the façade of the building. Inspired by the concept of a nest, the interior of the villas is designed to establish a strong connection with nature. The use of glass allows visual and sensory opening, bringing beauty from the outside in. The outer skin can be customized with a variety of textures and patterns, incorporating materials such as liana and bamboo. This approach not only provides privacy, but also filters and shading light, creating ventilation and introducing a sound-dampening texture. A skin full of exuberant vegetation, allowing residents to have a direct and intimate relationship with nature, from each stay pure biophilia. DNA Barcelona villas are highly versatile. They can be adapted to the needs and preferences of each client. The layout allows for three bedrooms with a double-height living room, or can be expanded to accommodate four or five bedrooms. Furthermore, the outer skin can be customized, ensuring that each villa is a unique and sculptural masterpiece. DNA Barcelona’s holistic and sustainable approach is applied to the construction methods: the adoption of dry bio-construction techniques minimizes the ecological impact and guarantees a fast execution of the project. Interior design also plays a crucial role, as each villa offers a different aesthetic, giving clients the opportunity to personalize their living spaces and create a personalized sanctuary to suit their individual style. DNA Barcelona has revolutionized the design of luxury villas in Tulum, embracing the principles of biophilia and organic design. Its circular and customizable villas integrate perfectly with nature, creating spaces that foster a deep connection with the environment. With flexible floor plans and interior design options, these villas offer clients the opportunity to create a truly unique living experience. DNA Barcelona’s commitment to sustainability and innovative design distinguishes them as pioneers in the field of architecture.