We would like to give a big thank to the Magazine “DesignBoom” for publishing our project “Zenote by DNA Barcelona Architects”

new concept of WORK-PLAY-LIVE and the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of being embraced by the magnificent forests of the Mexican jungle. A great project inspired by the mystical, millennial and timeless Mexican cenotes of the Tulum area.

ZENOTE is conceived as an allegory to the natural treasure of Mexico, the cenote. These mystical wells, located deep in the Yucatan rainforests, are fed by underwater rivers and were sacred to the ancient Maya. Based on these mythical elements, we developed a project that emerges from the forest, a circular building crowned with vegetation that embraces a central open space full of vegetation that houses the common areas and a large central pool.

The façade emulates the colors of the geological cuts that appear in the cenotes, combining natural vegetation creating a concept of Biophilic Architecture that fusion a concept of Architecture + Nature=ARCHINATURE, one of the pillars for DNA BARCELONA.

ZENOTE is distributed on 4 floors in 21,942.45 m2 built area. On the first floor located the shopping area with bar-restaurant, beach club, swim-ups on the roof-tops and community pools. The residential with lock-off and 24h concierge service.  Residential of 129 apartments with integrated 2, 3, 4 rooms with large terrace view, vegetation and private jacuzzi.

The fact of creating a circular residence distributed in 8 buildings joined together in a circle with a central cenote that generates a complete sensation of being surrounded by nature, helping to create a special microclimate that reduces hot temperatures without the use of air conditioning systems and allowing to reproduce cross ventilation that will provide freshness in any season.

DNA presents its relevance in the concept of sustainability respecting the ecosystem and the biodiversity of the fauna, contributing to the use of natural materials specifically from the Yucatan region. Which minimize the impact of construction and waste generation. The concept of water harvesting is also respected and represents a recovery of river water.

DNA’s goal is to find the balance between mind-body-soul to provide a true escape from everyday life, leaving you to enjoy Mexican lifestyle.