Oran, Algeria

Type: Commission
Program: Apartments , Commercial
Area, Parking, Spa, Restaurants
Terraces, Green Areas and Pool Area
- Residential: 318 units
- Parking: 659 units
Site: 10.000 m2
Built: 80.000 m2
Status: Under construction

“Rose of a desert” is a complex consisting of apartments and commercial spaces. The design strategy and concept of this building being built in Oran comes through the study of the rose of the desert. The four different towers, each shaped like a petal, are positioned as though it is a rose opening up its beauty to the world.

Is a 73 metre high residential tower located in Oran, which will include 318 apartments, a shopping Mall, Offices,  a bicycles parking and an underground car parking with 659 spaces.

public indoor garden, which will present local vegetation and enable the residents to spend the day outdoor, will be situated in the commercial area.

The building stands as a rock of the desert shape distinct from the surrounding towers and warehouses. Architecturally sculpted, the irregularities of the building’s balconies, use of glass and enormous cantilever create an impressive aesthetic.