Boumerdès, Algeria

TYPE: Invited competition
PROGRAM: Hotel, Offices, Conference Center
and Comercial Center, Parking, Restaurants,
Spa, Cafe. – Hotel: 163 rooms
SITE: 8.776 m2
BUILT: 18.891m2
STATUS: In progress

The main idea and concept of this project is to offer guests a great Sea View from the Hotel Boumerdès.

The programme optimization is particularly designed to improve the square meters, while taking into account Algeria’s cultural identity.
Sustainability is also an important issue, as we try to use the Rain water harvesting to achieve 30% reduction of water demand, drinking artifacts as well as 100% reduction of potable water consumption.

Another significant point of this project is the usage of local building materials with low emissions and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The entire building works like a big chimney which helps to cool the expulsion of hot air spaces, and provokes the natural renewal of air through the central courtyard.

Moreover, the energy-efficient façade is very functional, as it balances the temperature, natural light and transparency. Finally, there is a strong sun protection for the summer and a sunlight influx for the colder periods of the year.