Oran, Algeria

TYPE: Invited competition
Hotel: 247 rooms, services, bar & restaurant,
multipurpose rooms, recreative zones,
Thalasso, parking spaces: 532.

SITE: 12.480 m2
BUILT: 61.158 m2
STATUS: In progress

With this huge project DNA unveils the new hotel ‘Les Dunes’, which will modify the touristic skyline of Oran. The complex programme is solved through one podium that reaches the different levels of two accesses. As a result the podium elevates the whole hotel, and creates a special building shape resembling a stranded boat in the Mediterranean sea.

As DNA is developing an identity hotel in Algeria, ‘Les Dunes’ will also receive a new type of traveler: simply, smart and stylish. A hub of social activity, invites to have fun and entertainment including a new vision on a warmth, charm and chic style. Quality products and services are offered, focused on design, accessibility, technology, comfort, convenience and bordless work spaces.

Our design teams work together to lead complex multidisciplinary projects, and working spaces for whole communities. What defines a building’s performance will depend on its purpose. Listening to the details that make an asset valuable to our clients, and to their users help us to find the direction of our designs.

We uncover greater value for investors and better outcomes for stakeholders. Our flexible services lend guidance when most needed. DNA believes in economic analysis and planning, as this is the key of a positive development.