Puerto Cancún, México

TYPE: Commission

 -Hotel & Residential
Tower 1: 96 Apartments
Tower 2: 92 Apartments
-Commercial Center
-Swimming Pool
SITE: 12.879 m2
BUILT: 38.638 m2
STATUS: Design

The Babylon Towers pertains to a 15 floors residential and commercial project, having an elegant natural feature- ascending series of plants. The whole complex is to be realized on a plot and consists of 2 main towers. The project highlights the vision of DNA which is “ENHANCED BY NATURE” and includes the greenery integration and white organic forms inspired from the waves. fake cartier tank

The tower will be in conjunction with already existing buildings and is capable to correspond to all the modern user´s needs offering a unique space to live and to work.

As always DNA cares a lot about comfort and safety, thus the project will include:

Energy management (electricity, water, heating, ventilation, etc.)
Automation (buildings, rooms)
Security and Surveillance