Caldes d´ Estrac, Spain

TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Luxury single family house
SITE: 1.290 m2
BUILT: 677 m2
STATUS: Under construction

Situated in the area of Caldes d´Estrac this luxury house affords splendid panoramic views over lush greenery and sea. Specially designed plan of both floors enhances the significance of space, which is identically appropriate for amusement or just a quiet evening.

The house provides a large and comfortable place for living, complemented by a modern swimming pool, a patio for enjoying the meals with friends and a garage. The huge crystal walls, placed almost all along the villas, enable the natural light to enter easily, thus providing an optimal environment for everyday life.

The geometry of forms and the interplay between materials guarantee a unique style of the house and create an unforgettable experience for every guest.