Sidi Yahia, Hydra, Algier

TYPE: Commission

Complex: Residential, Commercial, service= Ground floor + Mezzanine + 14 levels
SITE: 1.859 m2
BUILT: 13.060 m2
STATUS: Under construction

A unique architectural gesture, strongly inspired by nature:

Located in Sidi Yahia, Hydra an immediate vicinity of Algier, DNA creates a new residence boasting an ideal location in the heart of a residential area.

Featuring a contemporary and elegant architecture, the residence reveals new comfortable apartments fully equipped to a high standard, ranging from 2 to 5 rooms in simplex and duplex

DNA builds to last. That means the use of quality materials for foundations as well as for the decoration. A building must be built securely to ensure co-owners durability in time. The difference between a new building constructed with quality materials and another becomes visible after ten years. Our accomplishments are made to last, and to achieve this quality we have developed extremely rigorous specifications.