Hammamet, Tunisia

TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Touristic Complex, Hotel
& Residences,Leisure Park & Beach Area
– Hotel Maritime (1): 102,000 m2
– ApartHotel (2): 65,393 m2
– ApartHotel (3): 86,263 m2
– Aquatic Zoo (4): 44,846 m2
– Hotel (5): 47,430 m2
SITE: 192.475 m2
BUILT:345.932 m2
STATUS: In progress


DNA won this project through an invited competition, where we proposed our design at a range of scale: from the architectural and landscape master plan of the area to the further created interior design.

Located directly on the waterfront in one of the most beautiful destinations in Tunisia, Hammamet’s luxury complex consists of 30 residential blocks offering communal gardens, bars, restaurants, as well as a shopping mall, an aquarium, and finally a large-scale luxury hotel situated next to the beach.

Touristic Complex Hammamet is a winning design inspired by the avant-garde style, featuring amorphous curves on the façade and organic curves in the master plan, and also in a variety of elements.

From its eminent position on the seafront, Hammamet is designed to enable a stylish living space, where comfort and technology have aesthetic overtones. From the outside, its architectural beauty establishes its contemporary elegance.