Dubai, Mumbai, Tanger, Los Cabos

TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Swimming Pool
. Spa
. Restaurant
. Terrace
. Lounge
. Shopping Center
. Disco
SITE: 4.000 m2
BUILT:2.400 m2
STATUS: Design


White Beach is an extraordinary place for extraordinary people that provides multiple luxury services and creates a new original brand. Thanks to a carefully chosen location at pure white sand beach, the name “White Beach” becomes more than just a metaphor.

White Beach is a symbol. Symbol of fine lifestyle, pure joy and hedonism. Due to the connection of nature, beauty, energy and high level services a unique place is formed, full of unforgettable experiences.

White Beach is not only a luxury club. It is a brand. It is a lifestyle. White Beach provides a characteristic visual identity with a flexible logo and exceptional style, which work very well in any combination or variation and its characteristic wave that can be adjusted by the current needs.

The brand is composed by several categories to give maximally complex services. Its logo can be applied in various ways on any type of objects including clothing, gastronomy, music, stationery, club accessories, VIP products or any objects of everyday use.