Dubai, U.A.E.

TYPE: Invited competition
PROGRAM: Residential & Commercial Complex
– Tower 1: 44 levels
– Tower2: 40 levels
SITE: 1.123 m2
BUILT: 44.332 m2
STATUS: Design


Coral Reef Tower rises above the urban landscape evoking a new form of sea life with its slender silhouette inspired by the shapes of corals.

The formal and colorful richness of corals is marvelous. Typical shapes of coral species are wrinkled brains, cabbages, table tops, antlers, wire strands and pillars. These shapes can depend on the coral’s life history like light exposure, wave action, and events such as breakages.

Often called “rainforest of the sea”, shallow coral reefs form some of the most diverse shapes, which give us the spark inspiration of this project.

Otherwise, we feel inspired by the colorful richness of the corals. They light up the dark, providing an underwater glow colour show. These fluorescent corals give back light of wavelengths when they are illuminated with blue or ultraviolet light.

DNA takes this underwater rainbow of beautiful colours to create a spectacular facade, that will change the building by glowing in different colours during the sunset.